Public Relations and Corporate Communication

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The spread of  Web 2.0 and new media has given rise to new forms of advertising and communication: never before have messages been sopersonalized,withsomuchdirectinteractionwiththerecipient. IULM’S three-year undergraduate degree in Public Relations and Corporate Communication provides students with the skills they need to harness these new tools of communication and apply them at a professional level in public and private organizations. While such a complex set of skills certainly requires an understanding of the mechanisms governing communication, it also requires an awareness of how businesses work, as it is there that communication comes to life. In addition, it is important to know how those on the receiving end perceive a message, as well as the socioeconomic context in which communication takes on meaning.

Reference market

Graduates from IULM’s Public Relations and Corporate Communication programme can expect to find work in the field of marketing, which is an increasingly important aspect of any business today, big or small. Furthermore, more and more non-profit organizations are adopting marketing strategies. Graduates will also be able to find employment as external relations specialists for public and private organizations, in addition to roles in companies that provide specialized communication services.

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Professor Alessandra Mazzei

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+39 0289 141 2818

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This degree will allow you to work in marketing as a Product and Brand Manager, in addition to potential roles in external relations or press offices. You will also be able to work in advertising and public relations, or for event management agencies that perform market research.