Specialised Translation - Conference Interpreting

Specialised Translation - Conference Interpreting

In order to offer a complete and exhaustive package to satisfy all your needs, IULM has set up two different course programmes:

Conference Interpreting
Aimed at training experts in the field of interpreting, in every possible branch and sector: from companies to international organisations and institutions, in all contexts requiring a high technical and cultural level of language mediation.

Specialised Translation
Aimed at providing specialised knowledge and skills in the field of translation, integrated with teaching to train students specifically in the fields of publishing, advertising, technology and finance, manuals and multimedia, with specific reference to the sectors of fashion and design.

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Prof. Salvatore Nigro

Curriculum Coordinators
Conference interpreting
Prof. Paolo Proietti

Specialised Translation
Prof. Tim Parks

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Careers opportunities:

Thanks to your excellent skills in interpreting techniques, you will be able to work in private enterprises, or national and international public institutions and bodies such as the UN, UNESCO, FAO and the European Parliament.


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Career opportunities:

You will be able to take on prestigious roles in the world of publishing, in national and international institutions, as well as in bodies and instiutions operating in the teaching and research sectors.

Alternatively you can start out on a freelance career, working privately for a number of different clients.

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