Museology New Media and Museum Communication

Executive Education | 1 Year master | Online


Our Executive Education has a unique approach to museology in its most innovative trends especially at the European level. It is carried on under the auspices of the European Museum Academy Foundation (NL) which contributes with its experts  and with didactic resources.

Articulated e-learning is the key-point: online modules offer the chance to take part into this Course also to students abroad under an attentive Tutorship.


This Master Course is designed for those interested in acquiring expertise in contemporary museology and the interlinkages between museum and heritage  as well in new media and museum communication. Graduates from the course will be ready to pursue careers in museums and heritage institutions, cultural organizations, educational agencies dealing with heritage issues.


The study programme consists of:



With the participation of experts and practitioners with a documented international experience


you will find videolessons, readings, tutorials and assignment reviewed by highly qualified international experts



at optional international meetings co-organized by the European Museum Academy during the semester

This programme is subject to minor changes due to organizational circumstances.

  • Module 1: The Museum Environment
  • Module 2: Multimedia Communication, Heritage and Museums
  • Module 3: The XXI Century Museum
  • Module 4: The social role of museums in contemporary society
  • Module 5: Art as a factor of social and cultural  local development 
  • Module 6: The Museum of the Future – a Participatory Museum

Each module is made up of:

  • Video lessons
  • Readings
  • Tutorials
  • Assignment


  • The XXI century Museum
  • Museum Users Analysis
  • Museum Management
  • International cooperation for Museums
  • Exhibition planning
  • Digital Interpretation
  • Multimedia in Museums
  • Museums and the Web
  • Museums and Intangible Heritage
  • Museums as Heritage Hub
  • Heritage interpretation
  • Lifelong Learning in Museums


Students will have the opportunity to take part into the Master Summer School that will be held in the IULM Campus in Milan, the worldwide capital of design and fashion and the most vibrant of Italian cities. It is optional and each year it offers a specific program.

An intensive week full of presentations, lessons, training and visits to understand what’s happening in the museum environment and learn how to properly communicate the collections related topic all over Europe.

An occasion not to be missed for professionals already working in this sector as well as for students at the university level, studying in the cultural field to improve their knowledge.

This  summer school combines lessons and seminars by high qualified experts with visits to Milan cultural sites and museums.

Milan, the worldwide capital of design and one of the most vibrant Italian cities, is the ideal setting for a one week study programme focused on crucial themes for the evolution of museums.

Participants will benefit from the integrated facilities of the IULM Campus, the International University of Languages and Media, in one of the most active parts of Milan: the Navigli district.


  • New trends in Museums
  • Digital Interpretation
  • Workshop Social Media and Museums
  • Workshop Children in Museums


Master course in Museology New Media and Museum Communication (online modules): € 2.300
The Summer School:  € 1.500
Master course + Summer School: € 3.100


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Master in Museology New Media and Museum Communication (online modules)
Tution fee: € 2.300 
Pre-enrollment: August 2017 - 14th September 2018

Summer School 2018 (only Summer School)
Tuition fee: 1.500 
Pre-enrollment: August 2017 – 1st June 2018

Master in Museology New Media and Museum Communication (online modules) + Summer School 
Tuition fee: 3.100 
Pre-enrollment: August 2017 – 1st June 2018

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Tel. +39 02 8914 12311

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