The Rector represents the entire university community. He is responsible for monitoring University operations and exercises disciplinary authority. His mandate lasts five years and may be renewed: it is the duty of the Board of Governors to elect the Rector from a shortlist of three candidates selected by the Academic Senate.

Prof. Mario Negri

Professor Mario Negri has held the position of Rector of IULM University since November 2015.

Director of the technical-administrative area: 
Dr. Raffaella Quadri 

Honorary administrative director 
Mr. Elia Santangelo

Right Arrow Contacts

Rector's Office
Università IULM
Via Carlo Bo, 1 - 20143 Milano


+ 39 02 89141 2474
+ 39 02 89141 2415

Fax:  + 39 02 891412310

Right Arrow Management Offices

Director of the technical-administrative area: 

Dott.ssa Raffaella Quadri
Tel. 02891412626