Tourism, Management and Territory

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IULM’s three-year undergraduate degree in Tourism, Management and Territory offers students first-class training for a career in one of the few industries not to have been hit hard by the national and international financial crisis. 

With a course offering that covers economics, social sciences and territorial sciences, this program provides students with a solid foundation upon which they can develop expert skills in management, tourism services, digital communication and marketing. In addition to in-depth studies of management and territorial development, students are also exposed to a number of subjects which can strengthen their personal skills and resources, such as new technologies (ICT), techniques on how to promote and make the most of cultural heritage/initiatives, and law. 

Furthermore, students will be able to master the English language, thus opening doors to careers throughout Europe and beyond. This core curriculum is complemented by a series of innovative workshop-courses designed to bring students into close contact with the world of work. The aim is to provide students with a curriculum that takes the opportunities of globalization into consideration, so that once IULM graduates enter the labor market, they stand out for their ability to seize upon the development potential of companies and/or places in a sustainable way. 

The workshops tackle a number of issues that are pertinent to the program, including event management, management of tourist destinations, digital communication for tourism, and start-ups. There are many opportunities for students to personalize their course of study, as they are free to choose four elective courses and four workshops, in addition to an internship and final thesis.

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Prof. Marco Maggioli

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+39 0289 141 2818

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With a degree in Tourism, Management and Territory from IULM, you will have the technical and practical training necessary for any of the following careers in tourism:

  • Marketing and sales for companies and organizations working in the tourism industry
  • Hotel and resort management for institutions and associations
  • Promoter of tourist destinations for institutions and associations in both the public and private sectors
  • Event planner and manager for leisure tourism and business tourism

And your career prospects do not stop there: thanks to IULM’s innovative vocational training program, you will also have the skills you need to work your way up to managerial roles in sustainable territorial development.