Corporate Communication and Public Relations

Starting from a.y. 2019-2020, for the first time the programme is offered also in English

Corporate Communication and Public Relations can support sales, create and shape a brand, increase visibility and enhance an organization’s reputation. It takes a skilled professional to accomplish all this, which is exactly what students will become after attending IULM’s three-year undergraduate degree in Public Relations and Corporate Communication. Our graduates are able to harness all forms of communication—including traditional advertising, event organization and social media—in order to interact with customers, business partners, institutions, policy-makers, local communities, citizens, journalists, the media and influencers of all types. They are also able to plan and develop communications strategies and assess their results.
This programme focuses on a variety of skills: it looks at how businesses are organized and run by studying management, marketing and business law; it examines social dynamics and market dynamics with courses on sociology, consumer psychology and market analysis; and it teaches students how to dialogue with the media, influencers and public opinion by providing them with top-notch communication and public relations training.

In addition, the programme helps students develop:

  • Digital skills necessary in today’s media environment.
  • English and foreign languages proof 
  • Cross-cultural skills in order to deal with the impact of globalization on communication processes. To this aim, for the first time, the programme is offered in English as well.
  • Personal communication skills such as professional writing.

Coursework is based on a strong mix of lectures, case studies, exercises and seminars.
The faculty is made up of university professors as well as professionals from communication agencies and PR firms.


Graduates in Corporate Communication and Public Relations can expect to work in private companies or public organizations in the field of marketing or corporate communication, as well as agencies specialized in communication services (advertising, PR, events, digital marketing and social media management).
Graduates will be able to take on different roles such as:
  • Junior Marketing Manager
  • Junior Product and Brand Manager
  • Corporate Communications Specialist
  • Social Media Specialist
  • Junior Digital Strategist
  • Junior Media Planner
  • Junior Event Manager
  • Junior Sales Account
  • Junior Account