Communication, Media and Advertising

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Communication is still the world’s leading industry in terms of investments, profits and employment opportunities. With the digital revolution and the emergence of new media, the communications industry is in constant search of new solutions – and this requires more and more graduates who have the professional skills to find them.

IULM’s three-year undergraduate degree in Communication, Media and Advertising provides students with the skills they need to develop innovative, creative communications projects, both for old media (cinema, theater, television, journalism) and new media (internet, web, social networks, blogs, smartphones, etc.). Advertising is also taught from the point of view of new advertising strategies made possible by digital technologies.

In addition to lectures, the programme provides students with seminars and workshops in order to check what they have learned and put theories into practice. In this way, “knowledge” and “know-how” become the two pillars of an education that will turn students into open- minded professionals with critical thinking skills and high creative intelligence. Indeed, these very qualities are what innovative companies are looking for today, whether it is in the entertainment industry, multimedia communications, or beyond.