A solid, all-encompassing degree to prepare tomorrow's professionals.
It brings those who study into the world of work and those who work into the world of studying: there are a huge number of partnerships with companies, institutions, and public and private bodies, both Italian and foreign.

Faculty of Interpreting, Translation, Linguistic and Cultural Studies


Three-Year Undergraduate Degree in Interpreting and Communication 

From multinationals to public offices, you can find work in the areas of translation, interpreting or linguistic mediation, in Italy or abroad.

Faculty of Communication, Public Relations and Advertising


Three-Year Undergraduate Degree in Communication, Media and Advertising 

To become a player in the world of publishing, journalism, cinema, television, radio, and the new media in both creative and commercial settings.


Three-Year Undergraduate Degree in Public Relations and Corporate Communication 

To work in external relations and press offices, but also in promotion agencies and events organization or market research.

Faculty of Arts, Tourism and Markets


Three-Year Undergraduate Degree in Tourism, Management and Territorial Development 

The tools needed for the management of the development of a place by exploiting its environmental, historical and artistic heritage, both in Italy and internationally.

Three-Year Undergraduate Degree Course in Arts, Entertaninment and Cultural Events  

The basic competetencies needed to operate in the world of cultural and creative professions as well as in the arts sector.


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