A qualification which allows you to enter your career at a high level in the hierarchy. Your future does not stop and neither do you. IULM offers you 5 Second Cycle Degrees to continue your growth.

Faculty of Interpreting, translation, linguistic and cultural studies


Two-Year Master Degree in Specialised Translation and Conference Interpreting - In Italian

To become an interpreter in companies and organizations, a translator in the field of publishing or teaching and research.

Faculty of Communication, public relations and advertising

Two-Year Master Degree in Marketing and Communications - In Italian

To work in the field of marketing and brand communication, becoming a brand and product manager, responsible for the sales networks of industrial and commercial enterprises, a manager in the digital marketing sector or an analyst in consulting firms.

Two-Year Master Degree in Television, Cinema and New Media - In Italian

Author, director and producer for cinema or (web)TV, festival organiser, expert in digital effects and creator of videogames. In traditional media and in the new frontiers of the digital scene it is the key to becoming a professional in creative enterprises.

Two-Year Master Degree in Strategic Communication - In English

To become international organizations communications managers, the Two-Year Degree in strategic Communication, totally in English, suggests a training course in collaboration with University of the Arts in London. 

Faculty of Arts, Tourism and Markets

Two-Year Master Degree in Arts, Markets and Cultural Heritage - In Italian

Working in the management of cultural, artistic and landscape heritage for museums, cultural promotion organizations and national or international bodies.

Two-Year Master Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management - Dual Degree. 
In English

A brand new dual degree program developed with Rosen College of Hospitality Management at the University of Central Florida, Orlando (USA) and Université Grenoble Alpes, Grenoble (France).


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Specialised Translation and Conference Interpreting

Marketing and Communications

Television, Cinema and New Media

Strategic Communication

Arts, Markets and Cultural Heritage

Hospitality and Tourism Management