Faculty of Communication, Public Relations and Advertising

Dean of faculty: Prof. Luca Pellegrini

Transferring information, knowledge, skills, emotions. Calculating and sharing strategies. Building networks. Circulating plans and ideas. Sharing. An academic path with the aim of turning students into communication professionals.

Students on the First Cycle Degree Course in Communication, Media and Advertising learn how to set out the content of communication within the specific linguistic and relational settings of old and new media, as well as in the creative processes of advertising language.

Students on the First Cycle Degree in Corporate Communication and Public Relations, on the other hand, become professionals in corporate communication and strategy with which a company communicates itself, its products and its aims.

On both First Cycle Degrees in the Faculty the academic path is planned in such a way as to alternate and balance knowledge and know-how: an excellent, in-depth theoretical preparation in the relevant disciplines. It is completed and rounded out with workshop activities that enable the students to check in the field what they have been learning on a theoretical and critical level.

The teachers are in part well-known academics, and in part famous, well-established professionals who generously dedicate part of their time to the training of the younger generations.

The Faculty of Communication pays close attention to the continually changing demands of a work market that is rich in interesting opportunities but also difficult and complex.  It strives to be dynamic and flexible, proud of its own more than proven tradition, but also ready and willing to explore new roads in the conviction that communication (however it may be understood) is increasingly the key form in human activities and relations in the complexity of the contemporary, globalized world.