Interpreting and Communication

Interpreting and Communication

A characteristic of the 3-year First Cycle Degree Course in Interpreting and Communication is its strong focus on the teaching of foreign languages with a view to preparing students for the world of work.

The basic objective of the course is to train and set up young professionals in the field of language mediation with the prospect of becoming interpreters and translators, through the acquisition of the basic skills required to enter the world of work in a context of globalisation and integration: a sound knowledge of two foreign languages, in-depth training in language mediation and communication, as well as a good general level of learning and knowledge.

For this reason, in addition to interpreting and translation skills, both written and oral, in two foreign languages developed during the language workshop activities, the course also provides knowledge of the literature, culture and history of the languages studied. Moreover, the strong synergy during the course with professional interpreters and translators operating in the business world, as well as with mother tongue teaching staff, together with the infrastructure of an extremely modern campus with the latest generation of technological and IT facilities, allows students through the study of theoretical, methodological, ethical and psycho-social approaches to develop critical skills in finding solutions to problems of translation and interpreting.

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Prof.ssa Laura Brignoli

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+39 0289 141 2818

Right Arrow Main subjects
  • Principles of linguistics
  • Italian language and literature
  • Theory and practice of interpreting
  • Language and consecutive interpreting workshops (English, French, Spanish, German)
  • Culture, literature and history of countries of languages studied
  • Contemporary history
  • Workshop on IT tools for translation and interpreting
  • Psychology of communication
  • Comparative literature
  • Economics of companies and international markets
  • International organisation
  • Cultural anthropology

Right Arrow Career opportunities

The Degree in Interpreting and Communication will give students the opportunity to work in fields requiring the knowledge and professional use of foreign languages: from multinationals to the world of fashion, from journalism and publishing to cultural events, in Italy and abroad.