Interpreting and Communication

In Italian

The three-year undergraduate degree in Interpreting and Communication places a strong focus on learning foreign languages with a view to preparing students for the world of work. The basic objective of this programme is to educate and train young professionals in the field of applied languages, with the ultimate goal of becoming interpreters and translators. By acquiring the basic skills they need to successfully enter today’s labor market, Interpreting and Communication graduates will be competitive in an increasingly globalized and integrated world. The programme permits students to attain a high level of proficiency in two foreign languages (English is mandatory for all students, while a second language can be chosen from the following: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Russian or Spanish). At the same time, there is a strong emphasis on communication and the practical application of languages. Furthermore, the programme focuses on enhancing students’ cultural awareness and includes the option of studying a third foreign language. Please note that the second foreign language will only be offered if the course meets its minimum enrolment threshold.

Students learn how to translate and interpret in two foreign languages thanks to practical language courses that focus on written and oral skills. In addition, the programme provides in-depth knowledge of the literature, culture and history of the languages studied. It seeks to cover all aspects of translation and interpreting, including the theory, methodology, and ethics of the profession, as well as social psychology.

IULM’s Interpreting and Communication programme stands out as a learning environment that truly harnesses the synergy of professional interpreters and translators, communication professionals and a teaching staff of native speakers. Combine that with all the facilities of a modern and technologically advanced campus, and what emerges is a programme that is able to provide students with the critical skills they need to tackle the challenges of a career in translation and interpreting.