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At IULM, we take entertainment seriously.

Our two-year masters degree in Television, Cinema and New Media is the only one of its kind in Italy. Through courses and workshops, this unique programme provides students with both theoretical and practical training in all stages of the audiovisual production process for all kinds of media (cinema, television, the web, videogames, mobile devices). In this way, students develop the technical, creative and management skills they need to make themselves competitive on the international job market.

The programme features a common curriculum for all first-year students. This lays the foundations for an in-depth analysis of visual imagery, the relationship between image and sound, and imagination in the digital age. It teaches students the necessary techniques for directing, recording audio for video, digital editing and cinematography.

The second year is divided in to 3 concentrations.

  • Cinema and New Technologies: takes a more in-depth look at film directing techniques, while also guiding students through a theoretical and critical analysis of cinema; introduces digital filmmaking and animation, the economic strategies of filmmaking, and strategies for the distribution and preservation of films.
  • Television and Crossmedia: takes a more in-depth look at television directing techniques, while also guiding students through a theoretical and critical analysis of television and crossmedia communication; introduces techniques for streaming media, tools for the planning and production of series, and television marketing strategies.
  • New Media and Digital Art: guides students through a theoretical and critical analysis of imagination in the age of digital technology and social media; introduces tools for the planning and creation of interactive products for the web and gaming; examines economic strategies for digital art.

Students can take full advantage of a Multimedia Lab with state-of-the-art spaces and equipment that will allow them to bring their audiovisual projects to life.

Students also have the opportunity to gain real-world work experience thanks to an internship, which is made possible by agreements with television networks such as Mediaset and Sky, film and television production companies such as Magnolia, institutions such as Teatro alla Scala, the Triennale di Milano, the AFIC (Association of Italian Film Festivals), the Torino Film Festival, the Noir in Festival, and more.

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Prof. Fabio Vittorini

Prof. Bruno Bigoni
Prof. Gianni Canova
Prof.ssa Daniela Cardini
Prof. Elio De Capitani
Prof. Paolo Giovannetti

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+39 0289 141 2818

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Graduates will have the skills and knowledge to pursue the following careers:

  • director
  • digital editor
  • cinematographe
  • screenwriter
  • film and/or (web) TV producer
  • video game designer
  • expert in 3D visualization and digital effects
  • scriptwriter for TV formats and series
  • author of hypertext fiction
  • transmedia storyteller
  • creative content producer for the web 
  • social and mobile media expert
  • film festival organizer
  • film and/or television critic