Innovation & Entrepreneurship

The MIE Master in Innovation & Entrepreneurship aims to train qualified professionals in the field of innovation, capable of mastering business models enabled by the digital revolution.

The Master in Innovation & Entrepreneurship is aimed at those who intend to acquire a solid knowledge of business innovation processes. At the end of the course, participants can opt for an entrepreneurial, managerial career - probably in the team dedicated to the innovation of a large company or an international startup - or a path to a management consulting company.

The MIE is developed in collaboration with Microsoft, which will support learning through its professional-faculty and by providing the latest generation of hardware and software technologies. All students will be delivered a latest generation laptop and guaranteed unlimited access to a selection of Microsoft digital tools.

All students will also be invited to take part in a one-week study tour that will take place in Tel Aviv.

A unique training course in the national and international landscape. A Level I Master designed to understand the challenges and grasp the opportunities of innovation business, combining the basics of innovation management with field experiences.

The Master in Innovation & Entrepreneurship (MIE) is aimed at future professionals, managers and entrepreneurs of the digital economy and business, with the aim of forming methodological and technical-operational skills. The Master offers candidates detailed preparation on innovative business topics, analysis, management and control tools, constantly promoting on-the-job learning through frontal lessons and workshops. The Master's aim is to support the understanding and acquisition of the theoretical-practical tools needed for future and professional entrepreneurial figures capable of operating efficiently through the digital, technological and creative innovation and digital lenses.

The Master's Faculty is represented by a team of specialists selected between Teachers, Startupper and Top Manager of Innovation Company and multinational companies. The Faculty will allow the exchange and comparison between students and practitioner.

The Master in Innovation & Entrepreneurship (MIE) is a one-year intensive program that offers students the following results:

  • Develop critical-analytical understanding of the global business, political and economic context, understand the challenges and opportunities of technology and new markets through global network analysis, economic and technological trends of the future and the strategic role of communication As a lever of value creation
  • Acquire executive and vertical skills in innovative entrepreneurial areas, including and quantify spillovers in traditional markets and industries.
  • Strengthening multidisciplinary intelligence and the understanding of the challenges and opportunities that traditional enterprises and innovative business roles meet.
  • Learn the methodologies and share the best practices, techniques and startup models and industry leaders and digital and technological top players, deepening trends and transversal variables to modern economies.
  • Benefit from the international Mentor and Advisor network, coming from prominent professional and academic contexts, strong in a modern and challenging environment such as the new Campus IULM and the Innovation Lab site in Cascina Moncucco.
  • Developing skills and experience in the field by declining scientific training to operational and strategic tools to facilitate entry into the workplace and strong entrepreneurship of a portfolio of high-level activities and workshops.

Right Arrow Scholarships

The M.A. program in Innovation & Entrepreneurship at IULM University ​is offering ​3 (three) ​scholarships ​each amounting to €2.500​ (two thousand and five hundred euros)​.

​The scholarships will be awarded to the best students based on an evaluation of their performance in the Program by the entire Faculty.

Meals, accommodation​,​ and travel expenses​ are not included​.

To ​be eligible for a scholarship, students must ​be properly enrolled ​in the M.A in Innovation & Entrepreneurship 2019-2020 at IULM University,​ in good academic standing, and with tuition fees paid in full.

​Scholarships are available to all enrolled students, that is, Italian, EU-, ​and extra-​EU students.

​The awarded students will be notified ​on December, ​2019.

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Opening pre-registrations: March 2018
Closing: 20th December 2018
Start: January 2019

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