Italian Language Course

In order to help students settle in our country, IULM University organizes an optional Italian language and culture course for exchange students.

The course is held before the beginning of each semester in September and January.

The course is divided into two modules for a total of 65 lessons (45’ each):

  • 2-week (40 lessons) intensive course is held in September. On the first day of the course students will take an entry test in order to assess their level of knowledge of Italian.
  • 25 lessons extensive course (two lessons a week) is held from October to November .

Attendance is compulsory for both modules. Only those students who have a recorded attendance of at least 80% will receive the Certificate of  attendance at the end of the course.

The course (intensive + extensive, 65 lessons) costs € 230.

Students who wish to enrol on the Italian course should tick it on the Application Form online. They will then receive further instructions regarding the terms of payment.

IULM University will not refund students who decide to quit the course. An exception will be made only if the course is cancelled due to reasons not depending on the students.

Students who have enrolled on the course but wish to withdraw their application must do so in writing at least one week before the course starts. Failure to do so will result in a fine.

The Italian language course is also open to non-IULM students. For further information contact

PLEASE NOTE the course will be organized according to the number of participants. Students interested are pleased to send the enrolment form as soon as possible. Any information or changes will be notified in advance. For any further information and details please contact us:

Right Arrow 2018/18 Course Dates

Autumn semester course:
17 September 2018 : Entry test
17- 28 September 2018: Intensive module

Lessons from Monday to Friday

8 October - 30 November 2018: Extensive module

Two lessons a week


Spring semester course:

28 January 2019 : Entry test

28 January-8 February 2019: Intensive module 

Lessons from Monday to Friday

11 February-15 April 2019: Extensive module

Two lessons a week