From its origins to the present day

The “Carlo Bo” library in Milan is fully independent and centralised. It contains an extensive and specialised collection of books and documents and is connected with Italy and the rest of the world through an interlibrary loan service.

Presentation and history

The library was founded in 1970 and dedicated to Professor Carlo Bo, one of the founders of the University. In addition to linguistic, philological and literary studies, today the library's collection extends to sociology and philosophy, communication sciences, information economics, the economics and sociology of tourism, the sociology of consumption, marketing and advertising.
With the inauguration of the new University building in 1993 a multimedia area was added to the library.  With specialised staff on hand to offer assistance, it is located in a spacious room specially equipped for viewing videocassettes and DVDs, receiving satellite TV channels, for document delivery services and for consulting the data banks online and on CD-ROM.

In addition to the multimedia section there is also a consultation area where members of the public can access the works. It is possible to consult issues af all periodicals published in the last twelve months in a room reserved for this purpose.

The Milan library keeps copies of all degree theses presented at IULM University since its foundation.