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IULM’s three-year undergraduate degree in Arts, Media and Cultural Events provides students with the basic skills required to work in the arts and culture industry as well as in entertainment production. These fields are constantly evolving, and as such they require well-read professionals who also possess sound managerial skills. Indeed, this programme’s main objective is for its students to graduate with those very qualities. There is great potential for this kind of work in Italy: just look at the growing number of people who are finding employment in these industries, which is in line with positive global trends as well. In order to meet this increasing demand, IULM’s undergraduate degree in Arts, Media and Cultural Events has been structured around two core aspects: on the one hand, students are guided through a historical and critical analysis of the languages of art and entertainment; on the other hand, they are introduced to the operational/managerial aspects of the field. 

Along the way, students gain the knowledge and skills they need to analyse, create and publicize products and content specifically designed for arts and entertainment, while at the same time learning the practical side of organizing and running cultural events and activities. There is a wide variety of courses on offer, ranging from fields as broad as the arts and the social sciences to forms of language and specific digital systems. Examples include: History of Medieval, Modern and Contemporary Art, Fashion and Design Cultures, Management and Marketing of Cultural Events and Entertainment, and Economics of Culture. 

The programme is designed to provide students with a solid theoretical foundation, and then to carefully check what they have learned by examining them in practical settings. To that end, the courses on offer are a combination of lectures (delivered by IULM faculty members as well as by professionals who work in emerging industries), workshops, and experiences “in the field”. Classroom work is complemented by practical workshops; visits to museums and television studios; a series of conferences with prominent figures and professionals from the world of art, culture and entertainment; projects and partnerships with outside institutions; and internships and traineeships both in Italy and abroad. This is all made possible thanks to the numerous partnerships and work experiences that the Faculty of Arts, Tourism and Markets has organized exclusively for its undergraduates (such as its partnership with MIA FAIR). In each year of the programme, students also get a chance to experience the world of work thanks to “Job Labs”. These intense, hands-on workshops are run by renowned professionals with the support of IULM faculty members, the goal of which is to help students design and produce innovative projects.

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Prof.ssa Simona Moretti

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IULM’s three-yearundergraduate degree in Arts, Media & Cultural Events aims to train professionalswho will be able to document, develop and promote artistic heritage through both traditional means and new multimedia platforms. Furthermore, graduateswill be expert organizersof artistic and culturalevents, covering everything from their planning and production to their execution and promotion. 
This programme will also open doors for graduates in the following careers:

  • Art and Cultural Content Editors 
  • Experts in the planning, production, organization and distribution of art exhibitions, cultural events and entertainment products 
  • Interculturalists (Artistic and Cultural Mediators) 
  • Experts in the management of cultural events for public and private institutions
  • Art Appraisers
  • Professional promoters of culture for the press, television and the web 
  • Professionals in the field of digital communication for the arts