Television, Cinema and New Media

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Unique in the Italian university scene for its both academical and professional training offer, the two years Master of Arts in Television, Cinema and New Media prepares students for all subsequent stages of audiovisual production process in any media environment (cinema, television, the web, videogames, mobile devices). A wide range of theoretical courses and practical labs allows students to develop the technical, creative and management skills needed to compete and succeed in the international job market.

The First Year of the MA programme, common for all students, challenges them both to learn the basic techniques of directing, sound recording, digital editing and cinematography and to deepen their analytical skills concerning audiovisual languages, storytelling, image-sound interactions, digital imagery.

During the Second Year students can choose between 3 concentrations.

  • Cinema and New Technologies, oriented to improvefilm directing techniques, to introduce digital filmmaking and animation, to study production strategies and fund-raising tools, to learn how to organize a film festival and to deepen the theoretical and critical analysis of movies;
  • Television and Cross-media Communication, oriented to improve tv directing techniques, to introduce the web tv and the technologies of audiovisual streaming, to learn how to create and produce tv formats and series, to study tv marketing strategies and to deepen the theoretical and critical analysis of tv shows and cross-media communication;
  • New Media and Digital Art, oriented to learn how to create and analyze pieces of multimedia and digital art as well as interactive products for videogames, for the web and for mobile devices, to introduce e-business, web analytics and digital copyright, to deepen the theoretical and critical analysis of imagery in the age of social media.

Students can take full advantage of a Multimedia Lab with state-of-the-art spaces and equipment that will allow them to bring their audiovisual projects to life.

Students also have the opportunity to gain professional experiences thanks to a compulsory Internship, which is made possible by agreements with film production companies and film festivals (Magnolia, Noir in Festival), tv networks (Sky, Mediaset, Rai) and digital communication agencies (We Are Social).



Directing Lab

Digital Editing Lab

Lighting Techniques and Cinematography Lab

Music and Image

Sound Recording Lab

Photography: Theory, History and Techniques

Video Art Lab

The Imagery of Digital Age

YEAR 2 - Cinema and New Technologies

Digital Cinema

Cinema Archives, Exhibitions and Museums

Film Studies

Economy of Cinema: Tools and Strategies

Directing for Cinema Lab (Advanced)

YEAR 2 - Television and Crossmedia Communication

Formats and Tv Series

Web Series Creation and Production Lab

Tv, Social Media and the Web

Streaming Lab

Tv And Cross Media Marketing

Directing for Television Lab (Advanced)

YEAR 2 - New Media and Digital Art

Gaming and Video Games

Interaction Design Lab

Identity, Culture and Technology

Digital Art Lab

Social and Mobile Media Studies


Elective Courses

Acting and Directing Actors Lab

Set Design and Location Management Lab

Mind, Media and Modern Culture

Contemporary Theatre

Writing Stories: Theory and Techniques

Digital Storytelling

Documentary Cinema Lab

Organizing and Managing Film Festivals Lab

Music and Discography

Tv Products: Analysis and Scenarios

App Development Lab

Artificial Intelligence