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Marketing today means making your brand a constant presence in the mind and life of consumers. It means improving product visibility in physical and virtual sales networks, and being engaged in an online dialogue with your customers.

With a two-year masters degree in Marketing and Communications from IULM, you will acquire the skills you need to do all of this effectively and at a professional level.

This innovative, one-of-a-kind programme will provide you with the knowledge, skills and practical experience needed to work in the field of marketing and brand communication. Graduates will be able to get the most out of both traditional and digital media. Furthermore, with three different concentrations to choose from โ€“ Brand Management, Retail Management and Digital Marketing Management โ€“ students can benefit from a highly personalized curriculum in order to meet their needs and interests.

Coursework is characterized by a predominantly hands-on approach as well as the constant participation of companies and representatives from the business community. This allows students to gain a firm grasp of basic concepts while developing practical skills that will prepare them for high-ranking roles and exciting challenges in the world of brand names, retail, and the new digital marketing landscape.

The first year of studies is the same for all students, after which they are free to choose from one of the concentrations mentioned above in order to take their learning to the next level. Furthermore, students have 12 credits with which they can personalize their studies even more by choosing from a series of courses that are available to all three concentrations. The programme concludes with a final project and thesis worth 18 credits โ€“ in other words, a significant step up when compared to what is required of undergraduate degree programmes. Specifically, students work in groups on an innovative workshop/project (such as operations research, a communication plan, etc.), which is carried out with companies that have partnered with IULM, followed by a masters thesis.

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Prof. Massimiliano Bruni

Brand management: 
Prof. Massimiliano Bruni
Retail management: 
Prof. Francesco Massara
Digital marketing management: 
Prof. Guido Di Fraia

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You will be able to work in the field of marketing and communication for well-known brand names and retailers. You will also have the skill set needed to work for communications agencies as well as research and consulting firms on a national and international level. Our graduates work as brand, product, retail and digital managers for many of the biggest companies in the world.