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Enrollment requirements and information about application, fees and more of the Master's Degree in Oriental Languages and Cultures (MiLCO).

This Master is aimed at students who have an old system degree or a first cycle degree, obtained at Italian or European universities, as well as students graduated at non-EU universities with a degree equivalent to the Italian one, interested in acquiring particular linguistic and cultural competences necessary to work  with Arabic-Islamic countries and China.

Candidates are selected according to their degrees and qualifications, their linguistic knowledge and an interview held in the presence of an Evaluation Board, consisting of the promoting Committee and the scientific Committee, as well as this Master's professors. Candidates must demonstrate to have a good knowledge of English (minimum level B2) and one of the two languages studied in this course (Arabic and Chinese, minimum level B1).

Selections will be held the 12th and 13th of January 2017. The final examination for the Master’s certificate will be in December 2017.

CFU/ECTS credits
Attending this Master – for no less than 80% of the overall activities- and passing the final examination allow to get 60 CFU/ECTS credits.

Pre-enrolment fee: € 100 cut off from the first installment when enrolled. In case of renounce or selections failure, no refund is provided.

Enrollment fee: € 5.000 * for any participant
*€ 16,00 Italian tax will be added to the first installment
** € 16,00 Italian tax will be added to the 3rd installment to receive the Master Diploma
(Ministry of Finance authorization – Revenue Department – Regional Revenue Direction for Lombardy- Detached section of Milan- Third section- Prot. N. 3/9467/99 del 2/11/99)

20 scholarships are available: 15 will entirely cover tuition fee (€ 5.000 each) and 5 will partially cover tuition fee (€ 3.000 each), which are offered by Fondazione Terzo Pilastro - Italia e Mediterraneo . They will be assigned by an Evaluation Board, elected by the promoting Committee, on the basis of scientific qualifications, previous linguistic competences and a motivational interview.




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Overall Cost: € 5.000
Scholarships: 20, including 15 full-coverage of tuition fee (€ 5.000 each) and 5 partial coverage (€
3.000 each)

Number of credits: 60
Closing pre-enrollment: 10th January 2017

Selections: 12th -13th January 2017
Start of classes: 19th January 2017
Teaching Centre: based IULM of Rome

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IULM University – Rome Campus
Palazzo Sciarra
Via Marco Minghetti 17
00186 Roma

Teaching Office
Tel. + 39 06 87462852