The Art of Storytelling: Literature, Cinema, Television

One-year Masters Degree – 60 ECTS


This one-year masters degree in The Art of Storytelling: Literature, Cinema, Television aims to train the storytellers of tomorrow through a course of study that combines narrative techniques and the cultural foundations of creative writing with workshops, labs, conferences and case studies led by leading experts in the field.

Programme DirectorProf. Gianni Canova e Prof. Antonio Scurati
Coordinator: Prof. Antonio Scurati

We are a species that tells stories, that looks towards the horizon. We do so because it provides us with a way of explaining the world. But above all, we do it to “live in this world”, to provide an order to things, to drive away our night terrors, to make sense of our existence, to give form to time. Narration is a completely human phenomenon: it is present in every aspect of human life, in every culture and in every moment of humankind’s history through the millennia, from Neolithic accounts of hunting carved into the walls of caves to hit television series available on the internet.


This one-year masters degree programme aims to train the storytellers of tomorrow by passing on the legacy of this multimillennial tradition. We are convinced that current and future professionals in the field of literary, cinematic and television storytelling draw on and will continue to draw on the infinite resources that history has to offer. Technique without culture is an ineffective weapon. Culture without technique is disarmed altogether.


This programme is organized into two teaching modules. The first, called Fondamenta, focuses on the cultural foundations of narration with an eye towards creativity; the courses are led by the most prominent Italian academics in the field, whose goal is to impart a high level of knowledge to students in the programme. The second module, called Experimenta, focuses on the art and technique of literary, cinematic and television storytelling; these courses take the form of lessons, labs and workshops led by writers, directors and screenwriters of national and international renown. The entire programme—which includes lectures, workshops and exercises—is made up of 420 hours in the classroom, 780 hours of study and 300 hours of traineeship/internship. It takes place five days a week. The final assessment of students will be based on the skills they have acquired and practical examinations in which students will express their own creativity under the guidance of teachers and authors. The course of study will culminate with an internship at a leading company in the storytelling industry.

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The teachers in this programme are university professors as well as novelists, screenwriters, editors, directors, and film and television authors who are nationally and internationally recognized as leaders in the field. Some of the renowned, award-winning authors who teach in this programme include Gabriele Salvatores, Matteo Garrone, Walter Siti, Francesco Piccolo, Antonio Scurati, Massimo Gramellini, Massimo Gaudioso, Paolo Giordano, Andrea Salerno, Marco Missiroli.

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From May to November 30th, 2017
Start date:
January 2018
12 months full-time

EU fees: € 8,500
International fees: € 10,200 

Entry requirements
This masters degree programme is open to anyone who possesses a three-year undergraduate degree (or a five-year degree) from Italy or equivalent foreign degree and who is interested in literary, journalistic, film or television writing.

Language: Italian

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