Sports Communication and Marketing

One year | 60 ECTS


There is a growing need for competent professionals who have the ability to promote the people, companies, activities and places that make up the world of sports.

The one-year masters degree in Sports Communication and Marketing meets this demand by training managers who will be able to seize upon the unique opportunities presented by the sports industry. Whether they are dealing with the most popular sports in the world or those that are a bit more obscure, our graduates will have the ability to promote them in the most effective way possible using all marketing channels.

The first part of the course is dedicated to theory, with various modules distributed over the course of six months of classroom work; the last part consists of an internship at companies working in this field.

The modules have been designed to follow a logical order such that by the end of the programme, students will have gained a full understanding of the main professions connected to the world of sports.

Programme Directors: Mauro Ferraresi and Vincenzo Russo

Coordinator: Errico Cecchetti


  • Anyone in possession of a first-cycle, second-cycle or four-year degree from any Italian university
  • International students interested in furthering their knowledge of business strategies in the sports industry, provided they are in possession of an equivalent degree that has been legally recognized in Italy
  • A good knowledge of the English language is required
  • Strong motivation
  • Flexibility
  • Spirit of initiative


The goal of this one-year masters degree in Sports Communication and Marketing is to provide students with communication and marketing knowledge and skills so that they can successfully work in the sports industry.

Specifically, participants will acquire a command of the necessary tools to manage complex activities in the fields of marketing and communication, using both traditional and digital media. They will develop their skills as a communicator in the world of sports, while also tackling such issues as corporate social responsibility and event organization and management.

Drilling down even further, the programme aims to accomplish the following:

  • explore sports marketing issues in depth, from strategies to marketing plans;
  • analyse the unique features of new media, web marketing and social media marketing;
  • manage sports communication, including as it relates to brand management and the press office;
  • understand the importance of corporate social responsibility in this field, which can serve as a guide to communication strategies;
  • learn and use new technologies for sports communication, including virtual sports;
  • develop assessment skills in order to evaluate the effectiveness of sports communication, both with classic techniques and neuroscientific strategies (neuromarketing in sports).


Thanks to a network of contacts with Italian and international companies, SMEs, start-ups and professionals in the sports industry, you will be able to benefit from internships with the leading players in the field. What’s more, you’ll be supported and tutored for the entire experience.

Thanks to the skills developed, the experienced gained during your internship and the contacts that we have to offer, you will be able to take on important roles for companies in the industry, such as the following: product and brand manager, sports blogger, head of communications for events, trade fairs and public relations, head of the press office for events, sports social media expert.

The project-oriented approach of the masters degree programme and the final thesis are both designed to create synergy with the world of work. This combination will give each student a unique portfolio in terms of content and experience in the field.

  • Communications and public relations for companies working in the sports industry
  • Sports blogger
  • Organizer and promoter of sporting events
  • Public relations and promotion in the sports industry
  • Press office management for companies, sports stars and teams
  • Sports social media expert
  • Product & Brand Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Retail Manager
  • Promoter

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From June 2017 to 27th November 2017
Start date: 
January 2018 
Finish date: 
June 2018
12 months full-time

EU fees: € 9,500 (total)
International fees: € 11,400 (total)

Language: Italian

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