Management of Artistic and Cultural Heritage

A recent but ever stronger link between cultural heritage management and economic development. A challenge for a new kind of professional. The Master’s degree in management of artistic and cultural heritage will open the door to a sector that has become an engine for economic growth. .

IULM University – Rome campus

Chairman of the promoting committee: Prof. Emmanuele F.M. Emanuele
Scientific Director: Prof. Giovanni Puglisi
2016/2017 academic year – VII Edition

One-year Master Degree in Management of Artistic and Cultural Heritage (MaRAC) is held at IULM’s Rome campus:

  • Teaching centre: Palazzo Sciarra via Marco Minghetti 17 00187 Roma.

30 scholarships offered by Fondazione Terzo Pilastro – Italia e Mediterraneo are available, 20 of them to cover the total cost of the attendance (€ 3.500) and 10 to cover part of it (€ 2.500).

The Master’s degree aims to train managers and qualified professionals from the area of artistic and cultural heritage management, providing a broad knowledge base including humanistic and social disciplines, and enabling the development of specific managerial competencies.

From the classical areas of the visual arts to theatre, from cultural and natural heritage to museums and monuments, cultural and creative industries, in Italy the cultural sector and cultural tourism represent more than 15% of GDP.

The Master’s degree is divided into four modules, respectively dedicated to:

  • Governance and legislation;
  • Management and organisation;
  •  Marketing and communication;
  • English or Spanish language.

Teaching is organised in lectures, assisted teaching laboratories, conferences, internship and a final examination.  At the end of each module or teaching laboratory, the students will have to take a learning evaluation test in order to obtain credits.

Lectures are from Monday to Wednesday, from  January 2017.

Attendance to the Master (for no less than 80% of the overall activities and at least 80% of the lectures) allows the recognition of 60 credits, 10 of them for internships or other professional activities(workshops, tutorials, simulations) enabling students to benchmark themselves in the working environment and show their abilities with a view to professional positions.


30 grants are available; 20 of them will cover the overall tuition fee (€ 3.500 each) and the remaining 10 will cover part of it (€ 2.500 each).

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Overall Cost: € 3.500
Scholarships: 30, including 20 full-coverage of tuition fee (€ 3.500 each) and 10 partial coverage (€
2.500 each)

Number of credits: 60
Closing pre-enrollment: 10th January, 2017

Selections: 16th-17th January, 2017
Period: 23rd January-19th July 2017

Number of students: minimum 20, maximum 35


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IULM University – Rome Campus
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Via Marco Minghetti 17
00186 Roma

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