Master Degree in Journalism

Two years of lectures, editorial experience and internships to become a journalist in the multimedia and digital age. The Master’s degree in Journalism is recognised by the Order of Journalists and will allow you access to the State Examination for professionals.

Master in Giornalismo


Two Years Master Degree in Journalism.

During the Master’s degree in Journalism you will alternate between lectures and field experience in two fully operative editorial environments: IULM and Mediaset.  Within the University Campus you will work on multimedia, and on site at Cologno Monzese you will experience a completely digital television production line.

In the first year you will take courses such as editing and writing for journalism, the history of journalism, visual communication and graphical data management, journalism law and publishing. The second year will be devoted to studying the various specialist areas and the production of a multimedia publication project.

Over the two years you will also attend two training placements at journalistic locations (daily newspapers, magazines, online editing, radio and television), each lasting two months.

At the end of the two years you will be fully trained and have all the competencies required by the publishing industry and the market.

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