International Communication (MIC) – course held in English

One-Year Master Degree in International Communication is an international Master’s degree provided by IULM University in partnership with three prestigious European universities specialised in public relations and communication. The MIC offers the opportunity to study in different universities and to acquire a specialisation targeted at global communication.
  Leeds University Hanze University Vilnius  

One-Year Master Degree in International Communication (MIC) is a postgraduate programme entirely in English lasting 18 months and aimed at graduates in the communication disciplines or related subjects. By attending the MIC Master’s degree course you will be able to study in different universities all over Europe and thus obtain dual recognition.

The MIC is a full-time programme lasting 3 semesters. The first semester (Professionalising Communication) has a core curriculum in which you will get training on the basic tools of communication, and takes place in one of the three partner universities.  The second semester (Communication Professional in Context) is oriented towards specialisation and is held in another of the partner universities.  The specialisation depends on the programme offered by the university chosen for the second semester. The third semester involves writing a thesis, under the joint supervision of the two partner universities.

The certificate awarded on completion of the study path consists in a double recognition: a Master’s degree from each of the two partner universities and an overall certificate from the consortium.

The three European universities which, with IULM, take part in the Hofstede Geert Consortium are: Metropolitan University (Leeds); Universitas Vilnensis (Vilnius); Hanze University Groningen.

The MIC trains international communications professionals who are capable of working in a multicultural context and of anticipating global changes. Experts and consultants in Corporate Communication, International Media Relations, Public Relations, Intercultural Relations and European Public Affairs.

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Number of CFU/ECTS credits: 90 (30 per semester)

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Geert Hofstede Consortium
Hanze University Groningen
International Student Office
P.O. Box 3037
9701 DA Groningen
The Netherlands

IULM University
Dr. Elisa Bernasconi
IULM University
Via Carlo Bo, 1
20143 Milano - Italy
Tel:  +39 02 89 141 2607

More information and details on the selection process for the Master’s degree course can be found on the MIC website.