University Education Credits and links to the world of work

The University Credits (CFU) system is quantifying the student's study and learning to acquire knowledge and skills in the training activities provided by the educational curriculum. "Each credit is quantified in 25 hours of Work for a student. Acquisition of credits takes place at the end of the exam tests set by each university, which are worthy of the average grade of the degree.

By Ministerial Decree 509 of 3 November 1999, proposed by the then Minister of Public Education Letizia Moratti, the University has profoundly altered its training system by adapting to those that are current European standards. From its application, in addition to university degree credits, several levels of university education were created alongside the classical one-year or four-yearly degree course and the master's degrees: the three-year degree, the Laurea (L) and the Master's or Master's Degree Provides for another two years of specialization (LS).

Before choosing a Master of First Level, you must carefully check that the Master is recognized as a university and that you provide the correct number of University  Credits needed to continue your academic training

The Master in Innovation & Entrepreneurship envisages the acquisition of 60 training credits overcoming the final exams of each module and after having completed the acceleration or 300-hour internship period completed by the drafting of a Business Plan or a Project Work .

The 60 credits acquired by the Master can be recognized for continuing in other training courses in Italy or Europe, or used for the Specialized Degree, requesting full or partial recognition, depending on the course of study.

Professional outlets

The main professional outlets for all those who will successfully complete the training are as follows:

  • Business career
  • Professionals operating in Start Up internationally
  • Innovation professionals in dedicated teams in well-established corporate contexts
  • Free lances in the consulting industry for everything related to innovation