The Master in Innovation & Entrepreneurship (MIE) has an annual duration of six months of full-time and mid-term front-end lessons, and six months of individual and online study sessions during which students will attend many workshops. At the end of the course, students will be able to take part in the Study Tour in Israel to find out about one of the most innovative and dynamic ecosystems in the world.

Following the classroom experience and the completion of the course, each student will be able to dedicate the next 300 hours (minimum required) to a trainee at one of the partner companies or sign up for the IULM Innovation Lab Acceleration Program, which guarantees the The ability to accelerate a business idea with the support of Mentor and Tutor experts, coming up to presenting the idea and its business plan to a selection of investors (Business Angel and Startup Incubators).

Study tour to Tel Aviv, Israel

The Master includes a Study Tour in Tel Aviv, the leading innovation center in the Mediterranean area.

The Study Tour is complemented by the classroom training course, through a vast program of visits, conferences and one-to-one meetings with young entrepreneurs, business angels and venture capitalists in the industry. Tel Aviv is second only to Silicon Valley for a number of innovative companies and innovation-focused investments. Over 300 multinationals, from General Motors to Coca-Cola, have opened a research center in Israel in recent years and represent the epicenter of numerous technological and digital innovations underlying future market trends.

Aircraft transfers and accommodation required for the Study Tour are coverd by the Master.


The Master's lessons are complementary and are held by the faculty of IULM University, supported by leading Italian experts in business innovation, influencers and general managers of some of the most important national and international innovation companies. On the training level, the Master in Innovation & Entrepreneurship (MIE) alternates theoretical classroom sessions, distance training and Founder and Innovator workshops selected among national and international startups to offer students the opportunity to meet and interact with i the most promising nnovation protagonists. To consolidate learning, lessons are midweek and with compulsory attendance, held entirely in English. Each student must attend an hour less than 80% for each of the modules expected.

The Study Tour in the city of Tel Aviv, Israel, which today represents the most important Mediterranean innovation and entrepreneurship center, offers students the opportunity to experience on-the-job experience in contact with professionals, Researchers and entrepreneurs of the Israeli ecosystem, one of the major international epicenter of innovation.


  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Creativity and Startup
  • What is a Startup?
  • Non Tech Startups & Soft Skills VS Hard Sciences
  • Idea Generation and Validation
  • Analyzing Market Potentials and Potential Markets
  • Competitive Analysis; Benchmarking and Innovation Radar
  • Storytelling
  • Idea Generation and Validation II
  • Big Data
  • Artificial Intellingence
  • Business Model
  • Revenue Model
  • Open innovation
  • Financing Model
  • Prototyping
  • Startup Operation
  • Exits
  • The Fintech Revolution
  • Communication Design
  • Business Idea Simulation

Stage or Acceleration Program

At the end of classroom teaching, each student will be able to choose the next 300 hours (minimum required) for a placement at one of the partner companies or sign up for the IULM Innovation Lab Acceleration Program, which guarantees the ability to accelerate an idea Business with mentor support and expert tutors up to the presentation of the idea and its business plan to a selection of investors (Business Angel and StartUp Incubators).