Admission requirements

The process of admission to the Master in Innovation & Entrepreneurship (MIE) takes place in Milan from January 2018 and is geared to evaluate in a strict manner personal inclinations and attitudes, propensity to group work and active communication, to create a Challenging and motivated work team.

At the date of submission of the application for admission, applicants must hold a degree in accordance with the old or senior level in the humanities, legal, economic or social fields.

A good knowledge of English is essential.

Admission Requirements for Foreign Students:
Declaration of Value in Loco (DVL) and Visas (for non-European students). For details, see the Admissions and Costs page.

Please note: Acceptance (with reservation) is also accepted for admission requirements for students who declare to acquire a Bachelor's Degree within the last useful session of a. 2016/2017.

Selection process

The selection process consists of four phases:

  1. Completion of the online application.
  2. Payment of the pre-registration fee. The application for admission involves a payment of € 100.00, deducted from the first installment in case of confirmation of registration. No refund will be due to students who will not confirm the registration or will not exceed the selection.
  3. Sending the documents indicated in the application for admission to the secretariat of the IULM University.
  4. Selection interview with the Master Coordination Team.

Once the documents have been received, and after initial verification, the MIE secretariat contacts the candidates to set up a selection interview with Master's co-ordination. The talks take place in Milan, except for exceptional cases.