Communication for International Relations (MICRI)

One-Year Master Degree in Communication for international relations (MICRI) trains communications professionals with specific training leading to work opportunities in the international field, in public or private organisations.

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One - Year Master Degree  in Communication for international relations (MICRI)
th edition 2016/2017 academic year

Teaching coordinator
: Dr. Roberto Razeto

The MICRI Master’s degree is a 1st level postgraduate master’s degree aimed at young graduates and communications professionals, and offers high quality training for work opportunities in the international field.

The study path, with a very high profile teaching body both academically and professionally, takes place over 12 months (annually) and features a combination of theoretical training and practical experience: six months of in-week formal lessons with compulsory attendance, in Italian and English, laboratory activities and individual study sessions.

Following the class-based experience, and to complete the training cycle, students take part in a placement of 300 hours in an international company or organisation, in Italy or abroad.

The 9th edition of the MICRI will include a Study Tour in Washington DC and New York, as a supporting part of the class-based study path; its objective is to give the participants direct knowledge of some of the principal international organisations, thanks to visits and meetings with experts and international functionaries.

Download the program of the last  Study Tour. (MICRI VII, May 2013)

With the Milan Master’s degree in Communication (MICRI) you will become an international communications professional! For a future in business or in commercial activities overseas, in journalism, diplomatic and consular representation or in the field of international organisation and cooperation.

For further details on the Master’s degree course, visit the MICRI Master’s website.

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Tuition Fee
EU Students 8.800 €
Non-EU Students 10.560 €

Number of CFU/ECTS credits: 60
Duration: 3 November 2014 - December 2015
Applications open: from May to October, 30th 2014

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