Executive Education Course in European Museology

Executive Education Course in European Museology


The Executive Education course in European Museology is a programme that focuses on learning from direct experience in the field at the most prestigious European museums, together with a series of lessons taught by experts from all over the world.

Programme Director: Prof. Massimo Negri
Coordinator: Anna Ghirardi, architect

The museum scene in Europe has undergone some profound changes in the last 20 years, with the development of new ways of communicating, new forms of organization and new stories to tell an increasingly complex and demanding public. Knowing the  diverse world of European museums is no longer an option—it’s a necessity. And just as there has been a transformation in the very nature of museums, so too has there been noteworthy expansion in museum-related professions, both in terms of design and management: architects, interior designers, webmasters, educators, multimedia experts, communications experts, media managers, scholars, managers of departments of interpretation, presentation and learning. Museums become a dynamic environment in which objects are not simply kept and displayed, but in which stories are told.


The aim of the programme is to provide students with the tools and knowledge needed to achieve the following goals: acquire design methodologies and techniques that focus on temporary and/or permanent exhibition spaces; learn innovative organizational methods through European case studies; refine analytical skills and ability to develop projects (museum planning and project enrichment); get to know institutions and experts in the field through direct experience in various European contexts; become familiar with European organizations in the field and the professional language needed to work with them.


The programme features a mix of lessons taught by university professors, experts and professionals from Italy and abroad. Focus is placed on acquiring knowledge through direct experience in the field, again both in Italy and abroad. The goal is to cover a selection of specific issues by making reference to European examples that differ greatly in terms of size, type of collections and national context.
Lessons will be taught by both Italian and international professionals working in the museum industry, professors from IULM University , and experts specialized in cultural heritage, event organization/promotion and communications.

The programme is made up of twelve modules, which include lectures at IULM University as well as  learning activities and professional development visits held at museums and exhibition spaces in Italy and abroad. The programme will generally take place on Fridays and Saturdays (also Sundays when longer trips are taken). Some lessons will also be conducted in English.

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The faculty will feature the contribution of both Italian and foreign experts, such as Wim van der Weiden, Chairman European Museum Academy (Holland); Margherita Sani, Italian representative of NEMO (Network of European Museum Organisations); René Capovin, Executive Board of the EUROPEANA Foundation; Graziano Campanini, director of Museo della Sanità di Bologna; Henrik Zipsane, vice-president Association of European Open Air Museums (Sweden), Karl Murr, director Augsburg Textile and Industry Museum (Germany), Silvia Mascheroni, coordinator of the “Education and Mediation” commission and member of the Executive Board at ICOM Italia; Stefano Bonomelli, Social Media Manager European Museum Academy; and other key players who are active in the world of museums and who will be studied in depth during the programme.

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From May to September 15th, 2017
Start date:
October 2017
10 months part-time

EU fees: € 5,500 + VAT
International fees: € 6, 600 + VAT

Entry requirements
This programme is open to candidates who hold or are about to obtain an undergraduate degree in art, architecture, literature, economics, history or communications, or professionals in the public/private culture industry, or professionals working in the public sector on cultural heritage, territorial development and/or tourism.

Language: Italian and English

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