Entry Requirements, Fees And Applying

You will have to fill in the online pre-enrolment application by October 16th, 2017. The application for admission can only be submitted after the student has registered on our website and has completed the application in its entirety.

Once the application has been submitted, you will have to send us the following documentation by fax (+39, email (info.sdc@iulm.it) or post (Scuola di Comunicazione IULM Via Carlo Bo 1, 20143 Milano):

  1. CV in English
  2. Personal Statement
  3. Copy of Italian tax code (codice fiscale)
  4. Copy of identity card
  5. Receipt of payment of the selection fee, which is € 110 + VAT
  6. Copy of passport valid until at least December 2018

Information for payment of selection fee by bank transfer
Amount: € 110 + VAT
IULM Communication Management SCARL
Via Carlo Bo, 1
20143 Milano
P.IVA 04475180966

Banca popolare di Sondrio - Ag. sede di Milano Via Santa Maria Fulcorina 1 - 20123 Milano

Account n. 23/0022213 registered in the name of IULM Communication Management SCARL
ABI 05696 CAB 01600 CIN D
IBAN: IT51 D056 9601 6000 0002 2213 X33 SWIFT: POSOIT22

In order to pre-enrol in this Executive Education course, you must pay € 110 + VAT to cover the costs related to selection and processing. This sum will be deducted from the first instalment of your tuition fees if your enrolment is confirmed. If you withdraw your enrolment or do not pass the selection process, this sum will not be refunded.

This Executive Education course will only be offered if it meets the minimum enrolment threshold. Once the enrolment process has been completed, the registrar’s office will let you know if and when the lessons will start.

The tuition cost of this Executive Education course is €7,500 + VAT for students from the European Union and €9,000 + VAT for non-EU students.
Tuition may be paid in instalments.


There is limited enrolment available for this Executive Education course, as only a maximum of 20 participants will be accepted. Class attendance is required for 80% of the total lesson hours (150 hours) in order to receive a certificate of attendance.

Candidates will be selected based on the outcome of their interview, an evaluation of their academic career and any professional experience, and on their willingness to break into this line of work. A good knowledge of the English language is essential.

This Executive Education course in intended for: graduates or students about to graduate with a degree in fields relating to advertising communication and/or creativity; creative professionals who are interested in expanding upon the underlying concepts of their profession; clients, marketing directors and brand managers who are interested in understanding the mechanisms of creative writing in advertising so that they can better interact with their partners/consultants.

Selection interviews will take place at IULM University of Milan.

The interview will consist of an evaluation of the candidate’s academic career, any professional experience and his or her motivations for choosing the course.

Candidates will be contacted in the order of their pre-enrolment, and the date and time of interviews will be determined by the course’s administrative office.