Copywriting and Advertising Communication

5 months


This is the only course in Italy that allows you to obtain specialized, international training at the MIAMI AD SCHOOL, one of the world’s most prestigious advertising schools with campuses all over the globe. This Executive Education course features a training period at IULM University during which you will learn the basics of copywriting through first-hand experiences, case histories, exercises and creative writing workshops. You will then be ready to take your experience to an international level thanks to a focus week at Miami Ad School.

Programme director: Gianni Canova
Coordinator: Guido Cornara


The dictionary defines a copywriter as ‘a person who writes the text of advertising or publicity material’: it is actually fascinating, adventurous and essential work, even in an era of rapid change such as that in which we live today.

Advertising finds itself in the middle of an evolution, redefining the way it is organized as a system. Indeed, many experts believe that we will be seeing monumental changes that will affect the very nature of business communication—many things are changing, and will continue to change.

But one thing seems certain: there will always be a need for communication. It will take on new and different forms, but it will not cease to exist. And above all else, communication between human beings has always been based on language, on words.

The goal of this Executive Education course in Copywriting—now in its fifth year—is to teach the fundamentals of this field while providing students with the best, most refined tools to carry out their work professionally, consciously, effectively and creatively.

The course adopts an all-embracing approach that is genuinely “media neutral”, examining both classic media and the numerous forms of creative expression that can be found in the most innovative of emerging media.

This course will provide participants with the chance to put their talent and creative skills to the test while in Italy, and then take their experience to an international level thanks to a study tour at the Miami Ad School.

The course has been designed to teach all aspects of this fascinating, engaging and adventurous profession in a practical, concrete and functional manner. Participants will be under the direct guidance of a coordinator/teacher who will also act as Creative Director. Copywriting can still play a fundamental role in building brand equity, even in today’s ever-changing world, provided that the profession is learned and subsequently carried out correctly. For this reason, this course is intended for high school graduates, university graduates and communication professionals.


One part of this Executive Education course focuses on teaching and analysing case histories, the goal of which is to break down the language of communication and examine it in depth. In this way, it is possible to gain an understanding of how to come up with brilliantly creative—but also effective—ideas.

The majority of case histories studied are presented by important professionals in the field who can fully illustrate the relationships and concepts behind their work.

A significant part of the course is also dedicated to various types of exercises and work projects, which will allow participants to really challenge their understanding of creative writing, their creative thinking skills and their individual talents—in one word, their creativity.

The goal of these exercises will be to create a personal portfolio for each participant during the course, under the supervision and with the help of the course’s Coordinator.

Finally, the course’s curriculum will be completed by a study tour in Miami, where participants will obtain specialized, international training at the MIAMI AD SCHOOL, one of the world’s most prestigious advertising schools with campuses all over the globe.


Let’s suppose that you have decided to enrol in a copywriting course: you’ve already taken the first step.
The second step is just as important: out of the many on the market, you have to decide which copywriting course to enrol in. And that’s not an easy decision.
What we can do is to provide you with a summary of our strengths: what you stand to gain if you choose our Executive Education course in Copywriting.

To make things simple, let’s imagine “Why should I choose this course?” as part of a FAQ. The answers would be as follows:

  1. First of all, there is the IULM brand name, which represents well-established expertise in the field of communication and mass media: it’s a guarantee, like an apple with a bite out of it, to keep it in advertising terms.
  2. This is the only course in Italy that will take you to Miami on a study tour for one week of full immersion in the USA at the prestigious MIAMI AD SCHOOL, an award-winning international advertising school with campuses all over the world, including Moscow, Sydney, Sao Paulo and Madrid.
  3. When you are dealing with copywriting and creativity, and above all when you have to explain it, teach the fundamentals and help people acquire the specific, unique skills to do it successfully, then you had better rely on good copywriters and creative thinkers who are familiar with good advertising. It might seem obvious and even a bit repetitive, but in the end it’s a matter of experience and professional background (for example, see the sections Our Professional Faculty Members and Our Team of Coordinators).
  4. We appreciate the web and new media, which we see as extraordinary opportunities to broaden the scope of creative thinking—for this reason, we will explore these areas in depth during the course. However, we don’t idolize them, and we don’t consider them a panacea for all the real or supposed ills of communication. We believe that it is important not to confuse the tools (old and new media, conventional or non-conventional media, social or mass media) with the content (the ideas). We think that in communication, just like in other fields, ideas have to win out over everything else. That’s why ideas—and the best way to express them—are the undisputed focal point of our course.
  5. Our course examines many examples of high-level advertising, with in-depth analysis aimed at understanding it and discovering the underlying mechanisms. But you will also work a lot, with exercises and work projects that will become a portfolio for each participant at the end of the course. In this way, you will have the confidence to take on the challenge facing so many job-seekers today when they see that paradoxical posting “Wanted: Intern with experience”.

Though the list might not be long, we believe these are convincing reasons to choose our Executive Education course.

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From April to October 16th, 2017
Start date: 
October 26th, 2017
Finish date: 
March 2018
5 months weekends

EU fees: € 7,500 + VAT
Non-EU fees: € 9,000 + VAT

Language: Italian and English

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