Value Proposition

A survey carried out by Makno & Consulting reveals IULM University's Value Proposition.‘Modern’, 'efficient’ and ‘organised’: students, graduates and companies all express positive opinions about the University.

Value proposition

The University lives up to the expectations of its students and enjoys a good reputation in its professional markets. The University is also considered to have high quality teaching staff and a high degree of osmosis with the world of work.

In a recent survey carried out by Makno & Consulting, who interviewed a sample of IULM students and graduates, as well as HR managers in public and private companies and consultants in the field of staff selection, the distinctive features of the University emerged, in other words its Charter of Values.  The data gathered by Makno reveals that IULM students:

  • have complete faith in the University
  • have high expectations from their courses
  • count on the University brand as a visiting card for when the time comes for them to enter the work market
  • see the opportunity to carry out internships with leading companies as a decisive factor
  • consider the teaching received on courses to be an excellent launchpad for facing future professional challenges
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