Multimedia Lab

The multimedia lab was set up in order to satisfy the needs of teachers and students on 1st and 2nd cycle degree courses, and also to cover events organised by IULM University on their premises.

Multimedia Lab

The multimedia lab provides space and equipment for the audio-video productions for the 2nd cycle degree in Television, Cinema and New Media; for audiovisual communication required within the University (conventions, events and ceremonies etc.); and other course activities where teachers and students require photo and video production facilities.

It is situated in the IULM 5 building and is made up of 4 areas:

  • Equipment storeroom (IULM5, 1st floor): for the lending and returning of cameras, videocams, tripods, microphones, lights etc.;
  • Editing room (IULM5, 1st floor), with 15 Avid editing workstations, and 7 workstations for developing skills with CS3 applications (Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere)
  • Studio (IULM5, 4th floor): an unstructured space for workshops and theatre/film/TV rehearsals, connected to the adjoining audio-video production room;
  • Audio-video production room (IULM5, 4th floor), with 1 audio-video production workstation connected with the adjoining studio; 5 workstations for audio-video post-production using the AVID editing system, CS5 applications (Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere) and an audio mixer; 1 audio recording booth and 1 radio broadcasting booth.

Right Arrow Contact details

Lab manager: Prof. Fabio Vittorini
Lab assistant: Marco Currò