Brain & Behavior Lab

A research centre for neuropsychophysiology applied to decisions, emotions and actions.

Brain & Behavior Lab

The Behavior & Brain Lab, set up in collaboration with the company Mind Room, is the technological heart of the Experimental Research Centre of the same name set up to study psycho- and neurophysiological processes connected with the psychology of making choices and decisions and neuromarketing. 

The laboratory makes use of biofeedback and neurofeedback techniques for scientific research applied to communication and consumption, and is aimed at providing consultancy for companies and institutions for market research.

Moreover, the lab allows users to exploit neuropsychophysiological indicators for stress management and prevention, and to improve work and study performances. 

The main innovation in the Behavior & Brain Lab is its multidimensional approach, based on the integration of different neuropsychophysiological signals monitored simultaneously. In this way it is possible to analyse the emotional involvement in making decisions and the emotional state of a person during a specific experience (e.g. admiring a work of art, making a purchase, watching an advertisement or some other more complex TV, cinema or multimedia product).

The Research Centre, which is situated on the 1st floor of the IULM 5 building (room 515-516) – coordinated by Professor Vincenzo Russo and supported by a scientific committee chaired by Professor Paolo Moderato - is equipped with simultaneous workstations for measuring neuropsychophysiological activity. One of these is synchronised with a system for eye-tracking and reading facial expressions.

The research indicators used are:

  • skin conductance
  • heart rate variability
  • electromyography
  • breathing frequency (BF)
  • signals connected with the central nervous system, such as multiple EEG signals (NF)
  • indices derived from eye tracking: pupil dilation, and the frequency and speed of saccadic eye movements (ET).

Right Arrow Contacts

Brain & Behavior Lab
IULM 5, Rooms 515-516

Tel: +39 02 - 891412615 

Right Arrow Study activities

- Study of emotions related to specific neuro
- and psycho-physiological patterns;
- Study of cognitive processes of attention and memory;
- Assessment of advertising in video formats;
- Assessment of appreciation levels of: perfumes, food, sweets, soft drinks, spirits, snacks etc.;
- Assessment of advertising images, mega posters, brochures etc.;
- Assessment and ergonomics of internet sites and social networks;
- Assessment and ergonomics of the use of new interfaces and/or new media;
- Assessment of: filmed material, documentaries, film clips.