What is an internship?

An internship is a period of work experience with a public or private enterprise. It enriches your curriculum and facilitates subsequent choices by giving you direct experience of the world of work.


The following are involved in setting up an internship:
- the intern
- the host company/institution
- the promoting institution (in this case IULM University), which evaluates the proposal and checks its progress.

The following may offer an internship:
- public and private industrial, commercial and service companies
- banks and financial services
- professional studios and associations
- public bodies, cultural and artistic institutions and associations
- non-profit bodies
- agencies and companies operating in the tourism, communication and media sectors
on condition that the corporate area offering the internship is relevant to the courses of study carried out at the University.

They following may carry out an internship:
- university students enrolled on 1st and 2nd cycle degree courses and Master's degree courses.
- university graduates within 18 months of obtaining their degree, excluding any period of maternity leave from the calculations.

Advantages of internships

Students and graduates choose an internship to:
- consolidate and further studies
- verify skills and aptitude
- gather useful material for their dissertation
- learn about the world of work in order to make the best professional choices in the future
- enrich their cv so that it is not only a resumé of their years spent studying.

For the company an internship may represent:
- an opportunity to make a general evaluation of a person prior to offering them a contract
- ad hoc training of resources
- a chance to benefit from new stimuli from young people who are still part of the education system
- the chance to develop projects put on hold due to lack of resources.

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