How long can an internship last?

What the law says about the length of an internship: maximum 12 months, no restrictions on number of internships or extensions, suspensions are possible. The information you need to make an informed choice.

The law does not impose a minimum period, only a maximum limit which must not be exceeded if the internship is carried out in the same company:

- twelve months for university students
- six months for Master's students
- six months for postgraduate internships

However, there are no restrictions on the number of internships someone can carry out during a course of study. If the length of the internship decided on in the training project is less than the maximum period permitted by law, it is possible to ask the training body for an extension. In case of absence for maternity, the intern may ask for the internship to be suspended.

IULM University aims to set up internships lasting for periods of between a minimum of two months and a maximum of six.  Any extensions are taken into consideration towards the end of the internship, as long as the total period of time does not exceed twelve months for university students and six months for Master's students.

When and where

The internship can be carried out at any time during a student's course, although in order to gain most benefit from the experience, we recommend waiting until the second/third year of the degree course.  IULM University students and graduates can apply for internships posted on the virtual noticeboard by compiling their CV online and sending it directly to the company.

The Internship Office promotes work experience projects in sectors that correspond to the characteristics of each degree course: public relations, communication, advertising, marketing, tourism, publishing etc., with the aim of being a point of reference for the corporate world and students/graduates, and making it easier to match supply and demand.

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