Unesco-IULM Chair

The UNESCO-IULM Chair in “Cultural and Comparative Studies on the Imaginary”, established at the Libera Università di Lingue e Comunicazione IULM in Milan, aims to develop knowledge and increase awareness of studies on the imaginary.

Unesco-IULM Chair

In accordance with the philosophy of UNESCO, the Chair has been created as a meeting point for coordinating the various centres for studies on the imaginary spread throughout the world. In fact the objective of the system of UNESCO Chairs is to establish centres of excellence providing advanced programmes of research and teaching through multilateral activities aimed at strengthening cooperation between universities, increasing mobility and supporting the education systems of developing countries.

The main purpose of creating the UNESCO-IULM Chair in “Cultural and Comparative Studies on the Imaginary” is to analyze the interactive network of mental representations through which groups and nations construct not only their identities but also their prejudices, thereby preventing the possibility of true intercultural dialogue.

With its extensive network of contacts and an eminently multidisciplinary approach, the Chair is a highly advanced research centre and an essential point of reference at a global level.
The rich programme of activities for the promotion and diffusion of knowledge, as well as a variety of synergistic interactions with partner Universities allow the Chair to produce innovative research and cuttingedge teaching in the field of studies into the imaginary.

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Unesco-Iulm Chair in “Cultural and Comparative Studies on the Imaginary”, Università IULM
Via Carlo Bo, 1
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