Rector's Delegates

The Rector may delegate professors to act on his authority in one or more specified areas, giving them the powers and financial tools they need to carry out their tasks.

Professor Mauro Ceruti
Delegate with responsability for the "Ideas Laboratory"

Prof.ssa Daniela Corsaro
Delegate  with responsibility for the relationship between education and the business world 

Prof. Massimo De Giuseppe (from 1 September)
Delegation to Inclusion and Disability

Prof.ssa Luisella Farinotti
Delegate with responsibility for the Library

Dr. Francesco Galli
Delegate with responsibility for  Internationalisation

Prof.ssa Vanessa Gemmo
Delegate with responsibility for areas concerning disabilities and learning difficulties.

Prof.ssa Stefania Romenti 
Delegation to Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Dr. Antonella Sau
Delegate with responsibility for Simplification and debureaucratisation

Prof.ssa Emma Zavarrone
Delegate  with responsibility for areas concerning the University's Third Cultural and Social Mission activities.