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Know the world to build the future. This is the internationalisation policy of IULM. The University encourages exchanges with foreign universities and companies for students, graduates and teachers.

International Relations

IULM welcomes many foreign students as well as visiting professors and organises activities under the auspices of European Community projects or in collaboration with inter-university networks to develop educational and research-oriented projects.

This translates into increased possibilities for students to attend lessons and take exams abroad, encouraging them to try new and challenging experiences and pursue that enrichment that comes from a meeting with other cultures. It also gives graduates and undergraduates a chance to reap the benefits of precious and professionally qualifying work experiences. To this end, IULM has also taken part in several relevant projects and is granting scholarships for three- or six-month work experiences in different entrepreneurial fields across Europe.

To facilitate student mobility and the academic recognition of studies abroad, IULM has adopted the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). Initially conceived for credit transfer, the ECTS has evolved into an accumulation system to be used at all levels: institutional, regional, national and European.

Another outcome of these activities is the consolidation of the University’s network of relationships with other leading universities in Europe and with many institutions and companies involved in offering work experiences.

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