Faculty of Arts, Tourism and Markets

Dean of faculty: Prof. Vincenzo Trione

IULM University decided to set up the new Faculty of Arts, Tourism and Markets in order to enhance and exploit the skills of the new professional figures being trained.

Tourism and Art may have different characteristics, yet the two areas are closely connected, especially in Italy, in that they both require the same basic sensitivity and a study background.  This is the reason behind the setting up of the new Faculty.  By blending together the two previous faculties (Tourism, Events and Territory and Arts, Markets and Cultural Heritage), it offers students an innovative, complete and multi-faceted course of study.

The Faculty of Arts, Tourism and Markets will offer two 3-year first-cycle degree courses:

Arts, design and media. Aimed at exploiting old and new professional competencies regarding cultural and artistic systems, as well as those concerning performing arts enterprises (organisers of music and theatre in public and private theatres, and in opera and performing arts foundations, including live productions; organisers and operators for cultural foundations and exhibitions etc.)

Tourism Culture and Territorial Development. Aimed at protecting the immense historical, artistic, geographical and cultural heritage, as well as the intangibile heritage (traditions, trades, archives etc.) present throughout the world under the protection of UNESCO, and in which Italy is particularly rich; providing the professional experience needed to stimulate environmental protection from the point of view of economic and cultural sustainability.

The aims and programmes for these courses will soon be made available on the website together with other news concerning this Faculty, in particular regarding Second Cycle Degrees.

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