IULM Open Space

Building 6 of IULM University has recently been inaugurated. A space designed with a view to fostering the exchange and contamination of cultures and knowledge with the city, with no boundaries separating the courtyards and structures of the new complex from the urban fabric.

Harmony and colour, lines and lights, spaces and glazing, simplicity and elegance, these are the features of this monumental complex that gives further prestige and efficiency to IULM University. Its doors are also open to the city and its citizens, as a place and opportunity for social gathering.

With its two Auditoriums and a vast exhibition space – highly prestigious venues for concerts, congresses, and artistic and cultural events – the University has further strengthened its vocation as a multifaceted cultural centre for the City of Milan.

The complex is the conclusive element of the IULM Campus, enriching it not only with new spaces and services, but also with a highly original creative note.